Huma Foundation (A non-profit Organization)

Huma Foundation is fortunate to have the support of our wonderful community. You can do your part to help the community. Listed below are ways you can help. Whether volunteering, participating in a fundraising event, or making a donation... your support is greatly appreciated.

Donate to Huma Foundation through PayPal

Please click here to select an account to "Donate" for your program of choice.

Click the appropiate button to make a contribution
 Huma Foundation - HUMAFOUND
 Floods in India - INDIAFLOODS
Contributions to the A.P. Meher Center, Srikakulam, A.P. India - APCENTER

The contributions listed above are being set up to allow donors to contribute donations as preferred to your favorite organization of choice.  Donate generously and use our TAX ID provided to make your 100% tax deductible contribution.  Send us an email request for a TAX ID number after you make a contribution, to

Join the Huma Foundation Annual Events. Information can be found on this Web site.  Please visit our website for details that would be posted here.

Tax Law for Huma Foundation Donations

Personnel making a donation to Huma Foundation can get a tax credit.  Please send us an email to for our TAX ID number.

Volunteering for Huma Foundation

If you are interested in volunteering for us, please send us an email and we will find organizations that you can volunteer for through us.  Send an email request to

Huma Foundation Volunteer Resource Guide

What you need to know about volunteering for Huma Foundation.  Send us an email to and request for a guide.

Huma Foundation Food Drive
Another wonderful event that helps in raising food for the helpless and homeless, providing clothing (essentials) and assisting in providing help through fund raising.  Check this site from time to time to look for donations and food drives to the homeless and helpless organized by Huma Foundation.

Huma Foundation

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